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Charlatte Réservoirs : trustworthy, professional and quality.

For nearly 60 years, Charlatte Réservoirs has been the world leader in hydropneumatic tanks. The company is present for export in more than 80 countries on 5 continents and represents more than 75% of turnover.
The bulk of "standard" production consists of pressure vessels with and without bladders for potable, raw, spent and irrigation water. The company also proposes the design of tanks with specific characteristics according to the needs of a project.
Charlatte Reservoirs designs its products to reinforce tank protection systems against water hammer.
Index égalité

Index égalité professionnelle entre le 01.01.2021 et le 31.12.2021 - Publication 2022

Conformément au décret du 10.03.2021, nous publions le score obtenu à chaque indicateur et rappelons que l'index n'est pas calculable étant donné que le nombre maximal de points pouvant être obtenu est inférieur à 75 points, un ou plusieurs indicateurs ne pouvant être calculés.
FAYAT GROUP : autonomy, audacity and commitment

FAYAT GROUP : autonomy, audacity and commitment

The FAYAT Group, founded in 1957 in France, operating in 170 countries thanks to the dedication of its 21,505 employees, provides innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers all over the world in the seven major activities where it has developed: Civil Works, Foundations, Building, Energy Networks, Metal, Pressure Vessels and Road Equipment .

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The company's production and handling facilities make it possible to produce tanks with a capacity of more than 125 m3 and a weight of up to 63 tonnes.
All elements in contact with water have potability approvals.
Whatever your needs and thanks to our teams, we will find together the appropriate technical solution for the success of your project!