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Customized range

We can meet your specific requets

Specific needs and constraints

In addition to our "standard" range, we can supply any tank that meets your specifications, even with very specific constraints.

- construction code other than CODAP, ASME, BRITISH STANDARD, AS1210 ... Validated by external inspection bodies,
- painting: from a simple color change to a complete paint system, applied thickness, a paint mark,
- material grade: steel or stainless steel, approved for pressure vessels,
- volume, diameter, pressure ...
- adaptation of the plans of the "standard" range: accessories, connections, exit,
- surface treatment: ebonite, thermal insulation ...

Upon receipt of your consultation, it will be processed by our sales department which, after a feasibility study, will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

After accepting this offer, you will validate a personalized and codified plan for launch in production.

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