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World leader in hydropneumatic vessels

For almost 60 years, Charlatte Réservoirs has been the world leader in hydropneumatic vessels. The company is present in nearly 80 countries on 5 continents with more than 75 % of turnover on export

Hydropneumatic vessels, with or without bladder

The bulk of "standard" production consists of pressure vessels with and without bladders for potable, raw, spent and irrigation water.

The company also offers "customized range" vessels designs to meet specific project needs.

Charlatte Réservoirs designs its products in order to strengthen the protection systems against "water hammer".

Who are we ?

Our achievements

Our means of production and handling allow us to build vessels with a capacity greater than 125 m3 and a maximum weight of 63 tonnes

Our after sales service

Throughout the life cycle of our products, our qualified technicians intervene directly on site, throughout the world.

Our locations

An international presence : our employees accompany you all over the world.